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Hello MWRBoards and all future members



Hello MWRBoards and all future members Emptyon Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:32 pm



My name is Eric. I started this site so I can have a place to talk about a remake of the single most impactful game of the last 2 decades. My passion for this game and what it has done for me, is what will make this a great and thriving community.

9 years ago almost to this day I joined an internet forum for Call of Duty 4. Without ever even knowing what a Forum was I found a place on the internet to talk about a game that I had just bought. I wasnt anticipating the release of Cod4, I merely purchased it thinking I was buying a co-op game for my buddy and I. When I turned on the Multiplayer portion of the game, a BRAND NEW world opened up to me. Trying to get better at it and find other people who played it, was when I turned to the internet and found then titled "Cod4Boards". A gaming forum that was full of other people looking for others to play with. A Gaming forum full of people with more knowledge about this game than I. A Gaming forum that would eventually lead me to some of the greatest friends a guy could ask for. I still to this day talk with over a dozen people that I met 7-9 years ago. Easily (And somewhat sadly) the longest lasting relationship's in my life outside of my immediate family. I only say immediate family, because these friends that I made years and years ago have forged a place in my heart.. and I like to call them family as well.

So that leads me to the creation of MWRBoards. A remaster of a game that truly deserves it. I hope to make more friendship's and I hope other's make lasting memories, both in game and on these forums. I hope this place can grow to accommodate the hearts of each and every one of you that sign up and want to talk.

So take that step. Register and make memories. Register and say Hi! Don't be afraid to step out from the land of Lurker's and simply post your own intro thread. Let everyone know your story. Let everyone give you a big welcome, and meet new people.

If you have read this far..
Thanks for being my friend,

Hello MWRBoards and all future members BWol5ZF

Hello MWRBoards and all future members Emptyon Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:23 pm

This almost made me Sad

Hello MWRBoards and all future members Ik0nsig1_zpsylqcsfp0

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