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Hidden Weapons in MWR?



Hidden Weapons in MWR? Emptyon Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:30 pm


According to a user post on Reddit, Modern Warfare Remastered currently has many weapons inside of its files that are locked to players.

Some of the weapons found are a melee Shovel, and others are weapons in previous Call of Duty titles.
Weapons include - Shovel, Galil, Striker, Magnum, PP2000 and more.
Hidden Weapons in MWR? 3tDttag

In addition, users who have been searching through Modern Warfare Remastered files have found references to a ‘dealer’ in game, with similar coding to the Black Ops 3 Black Market. This could suggest possible Supply Drop system for Modern Warfare Remastered, but its unclear if this code is just leftover from testing.

Additional files make reference to loots for customization and weapons. One says ‘mainbody_loot,’ suggesting character customization could come down the line in the title.

Again, all of this could just be testing code and may never been released.


Hidden Weapons in MWR? BWol5ZF

Hidden Weapons in MWR? Emptyon Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:13 pm

I hope it never happens. At that point if they add anything more, it won't be modern warfare

Hidden Weapons in MWR? Wolverine

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